RAO: Semele

Back of woman's head facing crowd of photographers

Laurence Cummings conductor
Olivia Fuchs director
takis set and costume designer
Jake Wiltshire lighting designer

Handel Semele, HWV 58
Sung in English

Handel wrote Semele in English for maximum impact, though it is considered ‘no oratorio, but a baudy opera’ (Charles Jennens). Conceived as an allegory on unbridled ambition, greed and lust, Handel drew on the story of Semele who, as a pawn in the battle between Juno and Jupiter, is destroyed by her wish to become immortal.

This witty, cautionary tale reverberates with echoes of contemporary events, showing how power can corrupt and individuals are exploited when egocentricity reigns.

‘To stir, to rouse, to shake the soul he comes And Jove’s own thunders follow Mars’s drums.’

Semele Lina Dambrauskaite (14,16) / Alexandra Oomens (15,17)
Ino Olivia Warburton / Yuki Akimoto
Cadmus Thomas Bennett / James Geidt 
Athamas Alexander Simpson / Gabriele Kupsyte
Jupiter Ryan Williams / Robert Forrest
Juno Frances Gregory / Leila Zanette
Iris Emilie Cavallo / Samantha Quillish
Somnus Thomas Bennett / Niall Anderson
Cupid Aimee Fisk / Hazel Neighbour
Apollo Joseph Buckmaster


16/11/18 - RAO Semele (Sold out) More Info
17/11/18 - RAO Semele (Sold out) More Info

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