JS Bach: The Complete Violin Sonatas - Part 2

Johannes Parmsohler

Johannes Pramsohler violin
Masumi Yamamoto harpsichord

JS Bach Violin Sonata in A, BWV 1015
JS Bach Violin Sonata in C minor, BWV 1017
JS Bach Violin Sonata in G, BWV 1019

‘All three voices must carry a fine melody, all the while sustaining the triadic harmony to the utmost extent possible.’

Hardly any composer brought Johann Mattheson’s trio sonata ideal to such a pitch of perfection as did JS Bach with his Six Sonatas for violin and harpsichord. Johannes Pramsohler takes an excursion from his PhD research on early English and French trio sonatas and, together with harpsichordist and alumna Masumi Yamamoto, delves into the summum opus of the genre.



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