Summer Piano Festival - Stories, Landscapes and Journeys

Piano hands © Frances Marshall

Collaborations in poetry, film and music, with Academy pianists Junyan Chen, Marina Kan, Melina Karagianni, Vladislav Mikhalchuk, Xiaowen Shang, Chiaying Tang, Amiran Zenaishvili and Xinyue Zhou, and actors from Drama Centre London Benedict Andrew, Daniel Bainbridge, Alastair Coulter, Jonathan Cuenot, Laura Euler-Rolle, Cristina Garcia, Rebecca Hutton, Sophie Lenglinger, James Percy, Noor Shahid, Alexandra Stephenson and Kai Terry.

Directed by singer Sarah Gabriel and theatre director Richard Williams, enjoy Gothic horror from Edgar Allan Poe, war-torn love affairs, goodbyes through texting and voicemail, and Dada poetry. Featuring works by Beethoven, Liszt and Rachmaninov, as well as jazz and improvised music.

Free, no tickets required.

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