The Early Trio Sonata in England

Ensemble Diderot walking down corridor © Alexandre Ah-Kye

King Sonetta ‘after the Italion way‘ in A
Draghi Trio Sonata in G minor
Purcell Ground for solo harpsichord; Trio Sonata in C; Trio Sonata in G minor, ‘The Great Chaconne’
Matteis Ayres for the Violin
Blow Trio Sonata in A

PhD student Johannes Pramsohler examines the influence of Italian styles in sonatas that primarily circulated among professional musicians during the reign of Charles II. These unpublished works were highly regarded by performers and composers but lacked commercial potential because of their technical and musical challenges. Together with his Ensemble Diderot, Johannes presents a selection of this unknown yet fascinating music, which probably inspired Henry Purcell to compose his two monumental trio sonata collections.

The ensemble will be launching a new CD, The London Album, at this event.

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